Happy Valentine’s Day Poems For Him And Her

Happy valentine’s day poems: Since the classic old days of poets like William Wordsworth and Rabindranath Tagore, poems are being used as one of the best ways to express or convey your feelings and desires. If you are thinking to gift some unique present to your beloved this Valentine, then you can write a romantic poem for him or her. A romantic poem can work in many ways and can be more effective in letting the person know how much you love him or her and what importance he or she holds in your life.

Happy valentine's day poems for him and her

Happy valentine’s day poems for him and her

In addition, today’s life which is mostly based on online gifts and materialistic things, Valentine’s Day poems can really surprise your beloved. Poems are not about rhyme and complex words, all you need to do is pen down even the most simplistic thing you think is special about your beloved. So, try it right away and see how wonderful this experience is.

Happy Valentine’s Day Poems For Him:

A Hope :

“The day we met I did not know

That life would take such a turn
There was a spark as if a show
And there I saw the rising sun

Our love was fresh as the dew
And it would win I just knew
For you were there always for me
Your love was pure I could see

Today we stand as solid as rock
Madly in love as if in a lock
In this world o’ dear Valentine
Our love one day shall shine

Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Happy Valentine’s Day Poems For Her:

“You walked in like a princess
Ruling my heart to excess
You brought me life
O’ beloved wife
Without you I was lifeless

Like the early morning
Always fresh and enduring
You sweep my troubles away
Even before I say
I love you and it true
Why so, I have no clue

I have nothing to fear
With you O’ dear
For you my Valentine
Made my life so fine

Happy Valentine’s Day!”


“I am nervous today
You don’t know why
I took some time
For I was shy

I tremble now
And have no voice
To propose you now
Is my only choice

For the time has come
And it’s the day
To express my love
On the Valentine’s Day
I love you so much
I can finally say
It’s not ideal for
keep the question at bay

So herewith courage
I ask your hand
And the question is
“Will you be my Valentine?”


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