Best Valentines Day Outfit Dresses For Men 2018

On Valentine’s Day, you want to be remembered for the right reasons. Sure, bringing a nice bunch of flowers or box of Rococo chocolates helps, but when it comes to first impressions, your outfit shows your prospective date in a split second just how much effort you’ve put into the evening – and that’s even before it’s properly started.

What most guys get wrong is trying too hard to impress on the big night. It’s good to look smart, but it’s also important to feel comfortable. Get your outfit right and you’ve just increased your chances of your great evening turning into an even better morning.No matter what you’ve got planned for Valentine’s Day, here are the best get-ups to go for.

Best Valentines Day Outfit Dresses For Men 2018

What to wear to the cinema:

If you’re going to the cinema, remember you’re going to be sitting in the same place for approximately 90 minutes – so you’re going to want to wear something that doesn’t crease easily. Avoid pressed shirts and smart trousers and, go instead for wool or jersey trousers and a soft Merino or cashmere crew neck.

What to wear for the cinema

What to wear to a Restaurant:

She’s going to be seeing you from the neck upwards for most of the evening, so this is where you should break out the tailoring and make sure your neckwear game is in top form. However you don’t want to look like you’ve come from the office, so stick to a lighter or bold-patterned suit and pair up with a matte silk or wool tie.

What to wear to a Restaurant

Valentine’s Day Lookbook (Three Outfits) Men’s Fashion:

Trust the one time that I try and shoot a sick ass video for you guys using a bad boy studio set up – my lighting is all over the place and there’s a fucking hole on the floor … I think that’s a message from above telling me to stay in my lane and carry on filming in my bedroom!

What to wear if you’re cooking at your place:

Congratulations, you managed to cut out the middleman and got your date to come straight to your place. However, if you want them to stay there, you still need to think about what you’re wearing – otherwise, you’ll give off the impression that this was the easy option. Plan something impressive to cook her (try our recipe for tempura oysters with wasabi dipping sauce), then throw on a freshly ironed button down and smart trousers that will look relaxed, but will also be shown you’ve made an effort. If you’re looking for an apron to make sure you stay splash-free.What to wear if you're cooking at your place

What to wear to a gig:

If you’re going to see a band, you want to be comfortable, but also have some semblance of style. Denim is the answer – and, for bonus menswear points, double denim in a matching shade. If you need an extra layer, throw a leather biker or baseball jacket over the top. No logo shirts, please.What to wear to a gig

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