A “Kiss” is a Special Gift for Woman on Valentine’s Day

Kiss is a very important & special weapon through which a woman feels the emotion of satisfaction. In most of the case woman gives priority to a kiss on the Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is a day by which one expresses their felling of love on 14th February. On this day people give perfect valentine’s day gifts to their loved one on way to propose their love. There were lot many researchers concluded that woman love to have a kiss except having costly luxurious jewelry or underwear.

Kiss Day Gifts

Kiss Day Gifts

There are many unique ways to which every individual love their partner. In most of the cases, it begins with a kiss.  Researchers have taken a sample of 5000 people for analyzing the methods of proposing a love. This research has concluded and finds that the most of the female like to have a kiss or a flower on Valentine’s Day. Only 34% of females have like to have costly underwear while 65% of women like to have flowers and a kiss, out of every 5 women not a single woman got a kiss or a flower as a gift.(AXA Research organization has taken this survey.)

The research organization has done a research on different nature of man and woman. AXA research organization has conducted this research in which most of the females have avoided having costly gifts, as they like a kiss or a flower as a gift. For the proposal of the love and feeling is more important. Females more likely give emphasis to the long-lasting relationship with more chit chat. While male like to obey whatever she promised and love the testy foods cook by his partner as a gift. Of course, it is necessary to have freedom in love for both female and male.

In addition, 43% of man likes to gift a costly and luxurious gift to their valentine, and surprise is that only 34% woman has accepted it. 63% of woman has concluded that they like the greeting cards which have a text expressing or love while 58% man like the same. 84% liked to have dinner with a partner while 73% man liked to have foods cooked by his wife.

Updated: January 9, 2018 — 11:49 am

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